Strengthening the Individual


It Can Change In A Moment

When I first started in martial arts there was one evening that massivelt influenced whether I would succeed or not.

We had just finished class and had circled up for the finalbit of advice. Shun Shifu Perez had entered and was at the front ready to speak. We all anxiously awaited his wise words.

There were about 30 people in the class. All very new white belts. Enthusiastic and eager.

He told us to look around. To look at each person in the group. To look at their face and make eye contact.

In the Darkest Moments

I just left an old friend's house. I had not seen him in over a decade but I needed to reach out. 

Two days ago he lost his daughter to a drunk driver.

After inviting me in he recounted the past two days. The whirlwind of emotions. And of course, I just listened.

Then after an hour or so he started recalling the old training days. His daughter was a student of mine and so was he.