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Beast Magic - Lesson Two _ Pre-Sense

In this lesson, we introduce the concept of Pre-Sense and going with the opponent's energy.

Pre-sense is the development of the kinesthetic senses to such a degree that you can feel an opponent's intent. Sensing the positioning and direction of all other parts of his body through a single touch. 

This lesson just touches on the concept.

If you have ever seen Push Hands or Sticky Hands exercises that is the intent of those exercises. 

It creates a way of controlling your opponent that is extremely confusing to the opponent. Always one step ahead.


Disciple's Workshop - Lesson 6 - Distance Line on an Inward block


In this lesson we cover proper distance line on an inward block. 

A common mistake is to move in to before blocking possibilities. This creates a big problem. Crowding your own weapons and also putting your own targets closer to the opponenets weapons. 

This mistake necessitates the need for extreme speed in weapons. The speed is needed to make up for the technique. And speed is no substitute for positioning. Obviously speed is good but a trained fighter should not rely on it to cover for positioning mistakes. That's a very dangerous ground.

Beast Magic - Episode 1 - Mongoose Evasion

In the Beast Magic series, we take Shou' Shu' (Beast Magic ) demos and explain the nuances of what's going on.

You will:

  • Begin to understand how 7 individual beast arts combine to become one art
  • Begin to understand how the 3 principles are present in each and every move

Shou' Shu' is a difficult art for the camera. It's subtleties go unnoticed. It has very little dramatic appeal. Its entertainment value is lost on most. It just gets the job done quickly. Which is what is truly needed in a fighting art.

Disciples Workshop - Lesson 5 - Applying Horse Stance Energy To A Chop

In this lesson, we take the dynamic tension we have learned to create in our legs and release it into the hand as a weapon. 

To make this happen a few things have to be correct.

1) Reinforcement - If the arm is not at a reinforced position it will not be able to handle the power created by the legs. Bone alignment principles must be used of the arm will simply collapse and the energy will not be delivered. However, with the principles of bone alignment applied the arm will have the required reinforcement to deliver the energy.

Disciple's Workshop - Lesson Four - Single Leg Step Correct with Resistance

Disciple's Workshop - Lesson 4


One Leg Step Correct with Resistance


In this lesson we begin to introduce two principles.


1) The Step Correct


2) The Floating Foot


Neither concept is introduced fully here but we will use what we learn here to introduce them later. Right now we are just building in some muscle memory.


An Experiment in Perception

Some time ago I did this little experiment. The idea was to put a "BIG" Shou' Shu' video out into the wild and then make sure it was seen by those who had never seen Shou' Shu' before. Then to try to decipher what they were seeing based upon the comments.

When I say big I mean a technique that has large motions so it is easy to see. This technique is big but admittedly there are some subtleties, that just made it fun. I was able to reveal (in the comments) what was in plain sight before.