The Disciples Workshop - Lesson 1 - The Square Horse


Teaching The Magic

In this workshop, we are breaking martial principle down to its fundamentals. That's where the magic is

"There is no magic in magic, the magic is in the details" ~Walt Disney

My Grand Master always told me "Teach the magic" and that is what this series of lessons is about. Without the magic, martial arts becomes just techniques. No more than dance moves. But with it...well obviously...magical.

Unfortunately, the magic seems to go missing a lot. We're going to fix that.

Good for the beginner and expert martial artist alike. The beginner will gain a firm grasp of principles and if they should decide to go find a school they will do so from a place of knowledge. That changes everything. 

For the expert. Well, I am going to make a bold claim. If you follow along for just a few lessons you will come to understandings you have never had. You will understand your own art deeper than you ever have before. 

How do I know that?

Because I spent 20 years teaching and I've taught martial artists from every discipline imaginable. From beginner to master. And every single time they had the same reaction. they said they had never been taught in such detail. They had never understood the arts so deeply. 

Become more of an expert at your own art by grasping the fundamentals at a deeper level.

Follow along through each lesson and feel your skills develop.

Every lesson in the disciple's workshop will be primarily from the first beast. The bear. This is because the fundamentals of the bear run through every art. It is the beast that we all have in common. 

Or for the beginner, it is the place to start. Bear first. Dragon last. The order in between doesn't matter.




P.S. Why am I doing this? Because it needs to be done. Or the ancient fighting arts will be lost forever.

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