Disciples Workshop - Lesson 5 - Applying Horse Stance Energy To A Chop


In this lesson, we take the dynamic tension we have learned to create in our legs and release it into the hand as a weapon. 

To make this happen a few things have to be correct.

1) Reinforcement - If the arm is not at a reinforced position it will not be able to handle the power created by the legs. Bone alignment principles must be used of the arm will simply collapse and the energy will not be delivered. However, with the principles of bone alignment applied the arm will have the required reinforcement to deliver the energy.

2) Timing - The principle of weapon before body must be used. With this timing, the majority of the velocity is created with the arm while the mass movement is predominantly from the body. You can think of this as a twist on the Newtonian energy equation. E=1/2mv^2. Except in this case plug in the velocity of the weapon and the mass of the body. This is achieved because of the reinforcement and the uniting of the body and weapon at impact. We'll cover that idea more in future lessons because it is a critical understanding.

Through the principles of the horse and these principles of reinforcement and timing, immense power can be created.

When it feels like nothing you will assume that you got it wrong. That's when it is right. Your mind simply will not be able to accept that it is right (at first) because it is too easy.

About The Disciples Workshop

This is a series of lessons that teach the underlying magic of martial arts. These principles can be applied to any martial art. They are the details that often get left out due to the nature of commercial martial arts schools. Schools rarely have the resources needed to go into this level of detail.

We are creating these lessons to help future martial artists make sure that they get these all too important principles.


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