Disciple's Workshop - Lesson 6 - Distance Line on an Inward block



In this lesson we cover proper distance line on an inward block. 

A common mistake is to move in to before blocking possibilities. This creates a big problem. Crowding your own weapons and also putting your own targets closer to the opponenets weapons. 

This mistake necessitates the need for extreme speed in weapons. The speed is needed to make up for the technique. And speed is no substitute for positioning. Obviously speed is good but a trained fighter should not rely on it to cover for positioning mistakes. That's a very dangerous ground.

With proper positioning everything becomes effortless. It feels as if the opponent is moving in slow motion. Part of that feeling is our brain going into a high adrenaline, low GABA state and our primal brain (Firmware) taking over. The other part is the magic of positioning.

Once the blocks have been made then move in fast. Take the opponents centerline and prevent him from making further attacks by centerline manipulation and magic hands principles.

Oh, we haven't covered Magic Hands principles yet?

Don't worry we'll get to that soon 

About the Disciples Workshop

This is a course I decided to do to "teach the Magic". The underlying principles of martial arts. My Grand Master always "encouraged" me to teach the magic. One of the last things he said to me was "Phil, always teach the magic and never let anyone change what I have taught you". That was just prior to his passing and when he said it I knew he was pretty serious about what he was saying.

For various reasons, the finer details of the martial arts rarely get taught. Yet these finer details are what make it work. Without them, your techniques have very little chance of saving you if needed. Without magic, they are worse than useless. 

Put a little magic in your training.


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