Interested in Training? Read This


I find myself explaining this a lot so I thought I'd make it easier on myself and post it.

I get contacted on a regular basis from people wanting to hire me to teach them. They know that I do teach online and are looking to resume or start their training because they cannot find this type of training locally. And that is true. To the best of my knowledge, you cannot find Shou' Shu' training anywhere. You can find watered down versions of it for sure. But then you may as well study Kempo, which can be found in many places. If the magic is not taught in Shou' Shu' then what is left, in many ways, resembles Kenpo.

In general, you cannot hire me to train you.

Here is what I recently posted in our telegram chat

You will find that we operate very differently than a school. I ran a school for 20 years and saw the pros and cons. The big thing that is different is that this is a meritocracy. Many people contact me and ask me to teach them. Asking the price. Just as you did. The answer is always no. These days I only teach those that have proven themselves. By proven themselves I mean proven that they can be a good student (desire to learn), a good disciple (practice), and maybe someday a good teacher. I am in no way trying to be egotistical or harsh. Just transparent. People make assumptions about how we work because they are accustomed to the way schools work. Schools have a primary mission of paying the rent. We have a primary mission of putting out good quality students. Quality before quantity.

If you have gleaned the info on a technique by studying a video you are more than welcome to post a question here. Generally the best format is video. Someone will critique it for you and help you.

Generally, I try to not be the one to do that. The reason is that I want to give the others that opportunity. It is a part of their training to analyze and help others.

Same with Shifu Miller

But we are watching. And if others have done their critiques and something is missing from the critique we will jump in and help


So if you are truly interested the way to start is to watch some of the older beginning level videos.

Then, once you have questions you are free to jump into the telegram channel and ask them.

You will find that we have a very friendly and generous community. We want to help if you want to learn.

P.S. I do have, on occasion, instructors that are willing to take on online students. This is on a very limited basis. If you are interested then please get on the waiting list

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