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Shou' Shu' Mongoose Kung FuThe mongoose is the master of trickery. His fast agile motions allow him to be where the opponent thinks he is not. His unique ability to create power from awkward positions makes him comfortable in any position. Being comfortable whether upright, over center, falling, rolling over his opponent, or even standing on unstable ground (his opponent) makes him the most versatile of the fighting animals.

In nature, the mongoose will taunt the snake. He will position himself right underneath and within striking distance of the snake. He does this because his skill is at evading and counter striking. The mongoose wants the snake to stretch out and become weak. The mongoose knows that he can evade the strike thereby leaving the snake in a weakened and overextended position whereby the mongoose can counterstrike and stretch the snake further. Once in control the mongoose will never again allow the snake to coil. He will keep him in his stretched and weakened position, rendering him harmless.

A Mongoose shifu will do the same. His strength is in the counter attack. He can quickly retreat to the edge of the opponents striking distance and counterattack with a ferocity of no other. He can evade while simultaneously attacking. He does not have the strength of the tiger but creates his power through completely different methods. He creates his power through positioning. He can quickly get his body into a position of strength rather than using muscular strength. He positions himself, in a method we call "posting", so that he can take full advantage of leverage. Thereby alleviating the need for physical strength.

This advantage teaches those of small stature to use their body size as an advantage. Rather than trying to fight the larger opponent head on, they learn to fight him where he is weak. Size and strength are unnecessary when fighting in the way of the mongoose.

Because the mongoose is small, he does not risk another attack. The tiger can play with his opponent just like a cat would play with a mouse. The mongoose cannot risk this. When the mongoose is in a situation he knows it is life or death. For this reason he attacks with a deadly intent.

His chi is penetrates deep into the body through small focused and rebounding strikes. Because of his strength of positioning he is totally reinforced. His chi is forced through his weapons because it is totally supported by the earth.

We are uncertain at this point of the true origin of the mongoose fighting style. We know that it was one of the seven fighting styles brought to China by the Bodhisattva warrior, Da Mo. However we have found evidence that it may be thousands of years older than this. The arts originated in ancient Egypt and there is evidence that the mongoose may have come from the fighting styles of the ancient Egyptians.

Although the arts originated in ancient Egypt, we are uncertain if the were highly developed fighting sciences as they are today or if they were basic wrestling techniques which became highly developed over the millennia. Many ancient drawings and hieroglyphics depict fighting technique with at least some level of sophistication. We do know that they regularly held tournaments to test their skills.

We also know that the mongoose was a highly revered creature in ancient mesopatamia. He was reffered to as the "pharaohs mouse". This may have been simply because he ate the eggs of crocodiles thereby keeping the crocodile population in check. However, it may also have been because of the fighting style created around his motions. There is evidence of a small band of martial artists who's job it was to protect the pharaoh. It is said that these martial artists fought in the way of the mongoose.

It may be that the mongoose style dates back to this time, around 4500 B.C. Or it may be that the mongoose was created as part of the Kalaripayut which would have happened a few thousand years later. It is also possible the the style was created by DaMo himself. We are constantly researching this and whether we find the answer or not, it is certain that it is a very old style.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of the mongoose exactly as our grandmaster taught us. It is the rarest of fighting styles. There are only a handful of teachers in the world who can fight in this deadly style.It is an extremely versatile and sophisticated system and it is important that it is preserved.

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