Tiger Kung Fu - Hu Chuan



The tiger is the definition of power. Like bear, he generates his strength through mechanical alignment, but he has the unique ability to flow through these positions. The bear is rigid and hard, yet the tiger is soft and fluid. The tiger combines strength and soft fluid power.
A tiger shifu is strong and powerful. Power comes from highly developed stances and the ability to combine the basic power sources. He has a unique rolling circular motion which gives him more versatility in directing his power. While his power is still based upon centerline shifts, drops, and rotations, he is capable of combining these rather than the linear motions of the bear.
The tiger strengthens the sinews and the bones. He utilizes the white muscle fiber and the sinews for snap, while being supported by the red muscle fiber and the bone for support. Therefore his motions strengthen the entire constitution including the core muscles so often overlooked.
His Chi Is explosive in nature. Because of his immense strength, he can send his chi through ripping and tearing Fu Jows (tiger strikes) damaging large parts of the opponent at once. His blocks are bone breaking and his strikes are devastating to the opponent.

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