An Experiment in Perception


Some time ago I did this little experiment. The idea was to put a "BIG" Shou' Shu' video out into the wild and then make sure it was seen by those who had never seen Shou' Shu' before. Then to try to decipher what they were seeing based upon the comments.

When I say big I mean a technique that has large motions so it is easy to see. This technique is big but admittedly there are some subtleties, that just made it fun. I was able to reveal (in the comments) what was in plain sight before.

The first guy to jump into the comments was a perfect victim. An experienced martial artist in an art which has at least some similarities to ours (minus the magic). Some people even claim we are an offshoot of Kempo. I think from the comments it is obvious we are not. He completely missed all of the subtleties of the technique that made it work.

Additionally, we had a number of people jump in and say they could practice it and get it down and it was good. This is highly unlikely. It's possible that these people have alien brains that can detect all that info and absorb it, then transfer it to their bodies. However, it is much more likely that they are suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. The Dunning Kruger effect is why we have to protect this information. It's not that we don't want to give the information out. We certainly do. But if we give it to those people it will be watered down and lost like all other arts. That is the biggest challenge. To make the info freely available to those who will value it and strive to understand it to it's fullest while at the same time protecting it from those that think they understand it but have no clue. We need a new form of creative commons license with a mechanism to make it work. In other words, governance (Vitalek please make this possible)

And thirdly we have a few people trying to understand what they see. These are the ones we want. These are future (or present) Shou' Shu' students. These we must gather up and teach. How they responded is a clear signal that they desire to learn. And that is all that is needed to be a good Shou' Shu' student. Xue Sheng.


Click through and read the comments. It is enlightening






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