Dragon - lóng Chuan


The dragon is the master of illusion. Although any of the animals can create illusion, this is the dragon's forte. His has small arms like the mongoose but moves them in a spherical manner. While the arm motion is similar in a way to the cobra, the cobra weapons move in a circular, two-dimensional manner while the arms of the dragon move in a spherical three-dimensional manner.

The dragon twists and coils his body which results in an explosive uncoiling. The waves of coiling and uncoiling motions travel through the body releasing the energy into his weapons.

Although we have a general order that we learn the beasts in this is only a recent addition. The original rule was Bear first, Dragon last, any order in between doesn't matter. This is, of course, assuming someone is learning the complete system and not just an individual beast system. Our focus is the combination of beasts but individual beast systems did exist and may still exist. We have not seen any evidence of them but it is possible. Individual beast systems would go by their beast name. Such as Xioung Chuan, Fu Chuan, Shu Chuan, etc. they would not go by the name SHou' Shu'. Shou' Shu' means Beast Magic and requires the combination of beast principles to be called Shou' Shu'.

In Shou' Shu' the dragon principles are used to combine the other beast systems. the dragon is the unifier. So therefore necessary for Shou' Shu'. As a students ascends through the beginning ranks the dragon principles are hidden within the material but the student will not likely recognize them, having no knowledge of Dragon. They tend to appear magically later on as the student gains higher-level understanding. Generally far beyond black belt level.