Closer to the Truth

The VAK only informs the linguistic


This is why when I teach at a high level I can only check in. Did you feel that? Do you understand?

And then, if they say yes, I look for signals that they are truly understanding. If they are, I leave them alone to just understand.


But it's important to remember that VAK lies, this is why people get off track and arts are lost.

Controlling the Attacker's Brain

We can think of the brain as having latent programs. Some of them running continuously in the background and others only triggered when needed. All of them, at a very base level, have to do with survival, or at the minimum, survival of the species.

The more immediate the survival needs are the more immediately the program takes over and the more difficult to override. And the more it overrides other programs.

Bold Heuristics

When teaching I often get frustrated students when they lack boldness in their heuristics. When they make feeble attempts at corrections rather than going all in.

In most cases, their language will reflect their actions. Such as:

Me: "Push off the ground when you kick"

Student: "Oh you mean I should push off the ground more?" 

An Experiment in Perception

Some time ago I did this little experiment. The idea was to put a "BIG" Shou' Shu' video out into the wild and then make sure it was seen by those who had never seen Shou' Shu' before. Then to try to decipher what they were seeing based upon the comments.

When I say big I mean a technique that has large motions so it is easy to see. This technique is big but admittedly there are some subtleties, that just made it fun. I was able to reveal (in the comments) what was in plain sight before.

Beast Synthesis

In explaining what Shou' Shu' is I typically use the three rules.

It is a fighting art that:

  1. Coordinates the body in such a way that it generates flowing focussed chi
  2. Takes the opponents centerline in the first motion
  3. Blocks all possibilities