The Disciple's Workshop - Lesson Two - Six Inch Drills


Disciples Workshop - Lesson 2

Six Inch Drills

This is a simple drill that is great as a warmup. It not only develops the muscles needed for a horse stance but also builds them in to muscle memory (pain is a great teacher that way)

Note the discussion at the end about building up an internal brace.

Whenever I do or teach this I am reminded of the scene in the pilot for the tv series Kung Fu. Where the young  seeker stood outside of the temple enduring harsh weather and boredom while the others quickly gave up and wandered off. That scene had an impact on me even as a child. It speaks of the sacrifice that is necessary to get what we want. 

I heard it said recently that it is not the strength of your desires, it is what you are willing to endure to achieve them.

What is you "WHY"?

What are you willing to give for it?

About the Disciples Workshop

In this lesson series I am "teaching the magic". In today's world instructors rarely have the time to put in the finer details. Yet without them any technique is worse than useless. So, as a service to the martial arts community I'm documenting them in this series. This will mainly cover only one beast, the bear. That is because the principles of that beast are used in almost every martial art. So this should be helpful for anyone.

Practice each lesson and slowly you'll start seeing how they all come together to form a strong foundation. The foundation you need to make your personal defense skills highly effective. 



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